The Zostel in Panchgani is a hostel with a difference. The unique multilevel architecture with the container rooms provides an excellent ambience to enjoy the serene views of Panchgani and the energy of Zostel.

It has both shared dormitories and private rooms. This video blog not only gives you an insight into the property but also a flavour of being a Zosteller!

In addition, they have a night Trek where they took us to a private side of the Table land with a beautiful lake and a bonfire. The ambience cannot be filmed but is a beautiful memory to soak in. For the evening trek they took us to a point overlooking the Dhom Dam that had really scenic views of Panchgani. For a charge of INR 150, both treks were more than worth it. Check out the evening trek view below.

Evenings can be real fun in the common room at Zostel. Be there with an attitude to interact and make friends and you will have the best time. Sharing a glimpse of a lovely musical event and ambience created by a fellow guest.

Singer and Guitarist – Namit Modi

Whether it is playing board games or playing music or just dancing to your own tunes, the common room is the place to be when you are at Zostel. One would find other solo travellers there and be able to make new friends.

It may not be the ideal place for a longer workation as the Wi-Fi is not strong in the rooms and with the construction going around there is no quiet place to join calls etc. Additionally, while they offer private accommodation, it’s not a family place. You wouldn’t get to enjoy the hostel vibe as much if you travel with family or stay within your own group.

The staff there are really friendly and the reception is functional 24×7. Practically everything I needed to make my stay comfortable was a available or could be borrowed. All the staff were mindful of the rules and would ensure we get silent hours between 12 a.m and 7 a.m which led to good sleep quality.

Over the days I was there, I met people from different walks of life, many who I would otherwise have never crossed paths with. The data scientist who was also a guitarist with an amazing voice, the creative writer who I am sure will be even better on camera than off it, the 20 year old solo traveller who’s chirpiness rubbed on everyone, the investment bankers and analysts who loved their garba and wine and of course the one and only Harry who can make any party memorable!

Zostel is not just an accomodation. It’s an experience in itself. You may not want to go anywhere else once you land up at Zostel. Beware, it might grow on you…