I was in Singapore during Chinese New Year. The place was buzzing with tourists as well as locals enjoying their festive holiday. One of the must do’s on my list was the GMAX reverse bungy at the Clark Quay. From afar one could hear the screams of the people during the ride. Yet that did not have any effect on the long queue of aspiring adventurers.

So me and my friend bought tickets one night and awaited our turn in the long queue. The wait actually creates quite a bit of anxiety as one can see people experiencing the thrills or getting the chills again and again. There are three people who can go on the bungy together. It throws you up to about 70 feet around 3-4 times. As we got closer to our turn, our nervousness grew till we finally sat on those seats.

Since it was just two of us, our third companion was a young boy whose girl friend had refused to come with him. We strapped the harness (more advanced version of a car seat belt). As we got our grips into the seats, we were asked to look up. Before we could settle our gaze onto the stars, with a start, we were being thrown up in the air. I couldn’t help but scream as the anti-gravity movement hit me. The plunge down was equally terrifying.

The second throw was slightly better as the initial shock was over. While coming down the second time, I opened my eyes and looked ahead. What I saw was no less terrifying. The Reverse Bungy is right at the banks of the river and at the height when I looked ahead, I could see nothing but the black expanse of the river which made me shriek even more!

With the 3rd and 4th throws, it started slowing down and we also became a bit bolder to talk to each other while we were up in the air. We shared what scared us the most and at that point all three of us started laughing. People who were looking at us down under wondered what made us so crazy to be there. We were hung up in the air for a few moments before we gradually came down. Typically they click a video of the participant’s expressions when the bungy goes up but unfortunately their camera had stopped working that day. So while I don’t have a video of myself screaming, here’s a video we shot while we were in the queue.

Scary as it was, it was one of the most thrilling rides I have ever undertaken. If you are in Singapore, it’s a must do!